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If you love the North Pole, with its characteristic Aurora Borealis, a unique ad unrepeatable natural phenomenon, do not miss it and book right now a cruise with the Hurtigruten Shipping Line. Originally, the Hurtigruten Cruise Company (formerly known as Norwegian Coastal Voyage), was just carrying out connections between the villages on Norway's western coast. Then, over the years, they decided to change their routes. Today, they offer passengers a close look at the fjords, the mountains and the charming villages that were once very isolated and difficult to be reached. The itineraries of the Hurtigruten cruise company are often described as "the most beautiful journeys in the world", as they provide access to some extraordinary landscapes and offer the possibility to get to know the unique cultures of some specific Norwegian places, many of them above the Arctic Circle. Hurtigruten is a Norwgian passenger line daily navigating along the splendid West Norwgian coast. The round trip is 11 ldays long and it’s been described by many people as “the most beautiful cruise in the world”.

The Hurtigruten fleet
The Hurtigruten Company's fleet sail all year round to different destinations of the Norwegian coastal areas. Among the various options, you can choose a 6-night northbound cruise, a 5-night southbound cruise or a 12-night round trip cruise with stopover in 34 different ports. Other cruise ships of this company will allow you to discover the Antarctic and Chilean fjord itineraries, or make excursions to Spitsbergen, an island halfway between Norway and the North Pole. In any case, mother nature is the main player in this show which is absolutely not to be missed in the course of one's life. If the idea of a cruise in the Arctic Sea fascinates you, you must know that thanks to the Hurtigruten company, you can fulfill your desire to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, including remote places like Antarctica and Greenland. Among the valid reasons that should convince you to choose the Hurtigruten Cruise Company, in addition to the itinerary, which is unique and suggestive in itself, there is also the excellent cuisine offered on board the ships. You will find in fact, two types of three-course dinners, including appetizers and dessert.
While the cruise line do their best to meet particular dietary needs, any request for special meals, must however be made well in advance of departure. On the Hurtigruten cruise ships you will find, among other things, a 24-hour coffee shop where you can enjoy liquor, wine, beer and various types of cocktails. For your free time during the cruise of your choice, you can use the swimming pools, the Jacuzzis, present on the most recent ships, or simply just look outside and appreciate the tranquility and beauty of those unique places.

A cruise to disconnect from the digital world
If you prefer to disconnect from the digital world that you usually live in and wish to look at a unique scenario in real time, the outdoor solariums or the internal lounges, with their extra-large windows, are the best places where you can choose to stay. If in summer or winter it does not matter, because staying up late has alsways its advantages. Thanks to the inclination of the earth between the seasons, Norway is able to offer some rather captivating phenomena. If in summer you stay, for example, awake until the early hours of dawn, especially around the solstice time, you will enjoy the pastel shades of the midnight sun, while in winter, you will have the opportunity to see from a very close distance, the explosions of the colorful Aurora Borealis (northern lights) that illuminate the absolute oscurity of the night. Therefore if you want your dream to come true, do not hesitate any longer and plan now a holiday with the Hurtigruten cruise company, which will remain indelibly impressed in your mind.